Safety & QA

Beacon Piping Company's excellent safety record is due to the active support and participation by all levels of management. The benefit to our client is the assurance that the project will proceed smoothly without interruption which could be caused by accidents or inadequate equipment. Our costs are not inflated by contingencies for accidents; therefore our clients have lower potential liabilities.

Beacon Piping Safety is committed to meet employee, environmental and construction safety requirements. This commitment best protects employees, the public, our client's personnel, facilities and equipment from the danger of hazards found on the worksite.

The impact of Worker's Compensation Insurance claims and premiums on the construction and industrial industries can be misfortunate. To compliment our pro-active safety program, Beacon Piping Company conducts comprehensive reviews of our loss history and insurance carrier's performance on claims management. Our persistent and aggressive approach to safety and claims review are significant factors in achieving a safe workplace and reductions in overall cost and risk for our clients.

Quality Assured
Beacon Piping Company is committed to providing quality in all aspects of procurement, fabrication, assembly, installation, service delivery, inspection and testing of products, materials, equipment and items over which it has responsibility. Furthermore, this commitment applies to all projects and assignments wherever they are located. The Quality Control Program takes into account all applicable client specifications, requirements, standard industry practices, manufacturer's instruction laws, regulations and other applicable directives.

Non-Destructive Testing and Post Weld Heat Treating are subcontracted by Beacon Piping Company to contractors after their procedures, methods and personnel are approved by the QCM. Subcontracting this work allows Beacon Piping Company to provide specialty subcontractors with the specific knowledge and experience to perform a wide range of services.

Safety Program Key Elements
  • Safety/Loss Control Inspections
  • Pre-task and Safety Planning
  • Ongoing Safety Reviews with craft foremen and supervisors at the jobsite
  • Enforcement of Safety Policies and Practices
  • Supervisor Safety Awareness Training
  • Weekly Safety Training Meeting
  • Hazcom Training
  • Job Hazard Analysis Review with workers
  • Jobsite and Yearly Safety Performance Recognition Awards
  • Confined Space Standby Rescue Services